That’s right…no endless searching or bouncing from one website to another to find the perfect recipe

  • Real-time information on food and recipes on the existing website that you’re already on
  • Integrated technology creates a highly effective and immersive experience
  • Unlimited amount of recipes at your fingertips

Foodies have never had it so good!


Any Website

Food Buzz works on any website.  That means you can learn a new recipe while reading the latest news, checking out a recap of last night’s game or reading celebrity gossip.  You pick the content, we’ll provide the food and recipe information.

Any Word

You’re in total control. Highlight any word on the website you're on and we’ll instantly provide you with the information that you need. Want more in-depth food or recipe information on a phrase or a sentence?  No problem! Just highlight the content you want, click on the Food Buzz icon and we’ll take it from there.
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